• 2022 Q4
    • ㆍPublished SCI-journal review paper about spinal cord injury therapy based on Direct Lineage Reprogramming Technology
    • ㆍResearch contract with Molim INC for immunogenicity test
    • ㆍResearch contract with H-Bio INC
    • ㆍResearch contract with Yonsei University
      Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation
    • ㆍSelected for National Advanced Regenerative Medicine Project
    • ㆍCompleted GLP-compliant non-clinical toxicity evaluation
      (Non-Toxicity Determined)
  • 2022 Q3
    • ㆍGMP-grade AAV production with VectorBuilder
    • ㆍPaper in world renowned journal Acta Biomaterialia (IF : 10.66)
    • ㆍSelected for National New Drug Development Project
    • ㆍVenture Certification
  • 2022 Q2
    • ㆍFamily sales funding contract
    • ㆍResearch contract with KIST
      (Korea Institute of Science and Technology)
    • ㆍResearch contract with Kyungki University
      (Biodistribution for toxicity evaluation)
    • ㆍResearch contract with Chemon INC
      (Non-clinical toxicity evaluation)
  • 2022 Q1
    • ㆍEstablishment of Research Institute
    • ㆍCertification of ISO 9001/14001
    • ㆍRegistration of BSL-2 (Central laboratory facility)
    • ㆍRegistration of ABSL-2 (Animal laboratory)
    • ㆍPatent advisory contract with Patent Law-Firm IPLAY
  • 2021
    • ㆍStand Up Therapeutics INC Established
    • ㆍResearch Laboratory Open
    • A Study on the Direct Lineage Reprogramming(DLR)
      of induced neurons(iNs) for the neurodegenerative disease gene therapy